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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Books and me

So, I went to Sunway Pyramid last few days, and bought these two novels. Yeay. Warm Bodies and Memoirs of an Imaginary Friends. Warm Bodies is the novel about zombies and the new world. Idk, in the future world I guess. And Memoirs of an Imaginary Friends is a story about, you know, imaginary friends, kids, schools. I guess we all once had our own imaginary friends right. 

Okay, so lemme start with Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. To be honest, I didn't really enjoy reading zombies story. Idk why. They're just not so attractive compared to vampires and werewolves. Lolz. At first, I didn't know whether I would be able to relate the romance things with zombies. Like seriously. ZOMBIES and ROMANCE? Zombies like to eat brains and how come they can fall in love with humans without eating their brains. I guess it goes the same way like vampires and humans, or werewolves and humans. But yeah, it was a total surprise. I didn't expect it to be so heart-warming or to love the hero as much as I did considering he's a brain munching zombie, with pale grey skin, the rotted lips and everything. So yeah, to avoid the spoilers, I think you guys should read the novel. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It was a wistful love story that is creepy, sad, sweet, and disturbing in equal measure. 

And the next book is Memoirs of an Imaginary Friends by Matthew Green. I love every moment I spent with Max and his imaginary friends, Budo. I wish I could have Budo as my best friend. Not an imaginary friend. I want someone real like Budo. He's such a supportive friend. I like that. I actually was blown away by how emotional and heart wrenching this book was. I nearly cried reading this novel. To be honest the ending was both happy and sad. Happy ending for Max but sad+happy ending for Budo. So overall, Memoirs of an Imaginary Friends is an A+ book! Seriously. 

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella