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Monday, May 7, 2012

Up All Day and Night

I went to One Utama with my family. I spend lots of time with my family actually. After habis College and holidays, aku tak jumpa lagi kawan kawan aku zaman sekolah dulu. Lol. Padahal, depa semua pun cuti jugak :)

Mom and Dad :)

Me . Friza and Dad. Waiting for Mom.

And then, I went to MPH Bookstore. Actually, I have this one long list about buku-buku yang nak dibeli. But I forgot to bring it. So, aku pun macam tak tahu nak beli apa and it ended up aku just staring at the novels' cover. Lol. 

These two novels. The Lucky One and Charlie St. Cloud. I already watched Charlie St Cloud, but The Lucky One belum lagi. They got Zac Efron at the covers! So gorgeous! :) Tak beli pun sebenarnya. LOL

This is heaven! I love the smells of new books and bookstore. Pelik ke?

Remember the voucher I got sbb beli books at Borders. Finally, aku guna masa kat OU. :)

Choc Cream Chips Frappucino

At night, makan Sate Kajang with my dad's friend and family :)

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella