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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Last Song

Sorry for late update. I'm kinda busy. Eh? Busy ke? Haha. Jk. I was so lazy, and I didn't have mood to write. But now, I'm back! I got the mood! Yeayyy! So, maybe majority of you guys, dah tahu yang I'm finally graduated from Pahang Matriculation College (KMPh). Not fully-graduated as the results doesn't come out yet. But whatever. I'm free! And now, actually, I'm feeling the FREEDOM. You know, life as a Matriculation student was tough. Not like Diploma student. It's a fast track programme. Okay, enough with all this bebelan. Now, let's go into my life as a KMPh student. 

I still remember the first day when I was in the college. I was so scared. Takut if I couldn't bergaul with new people. Room mates and class mates. The orientation week was the worst week I ever had. I was so tired, exhausted. And I think semua orang macam tu jugak. And then, first day of the class with new class mates. Wow, it wasn't so tough. They are friendly ppl. Just nak bergaul dgn boys agak lama sikit. But the girls, diorang cool gila. FYI, in our class there was no geng-geng. We were just being friends with everyone. So, there was no big conflict at all. Tipulah kalau takde conflict kan in one class. But it was just some small conflicts. And then the lecture mates. They're beyond awesome. They are the best lecture mates I ever have. The lecturers. I love em. Ada this one subject, aku benci gila that subject when I was in Form 5. But, when I learned it there, from the most sporting lecturer. Aku jadi minat on that subject. And I still remember. I actually cried every single night for the first two months. It was tough. I thought I couldn't survive there. But then, it was okay actually. Maybe I was just a bit shocked with the style study among students. 

The finals. Finals for Semester 2. Overall, it was okay. so-so. Some papers was tough. Some papers was okay. I hope I could get good grades for the whole semester. Pointer 3.5 and above pls! *crossing my fingers*

Kata-kata semangat dekat meja study. lol

Quote from Tony Fernandes

Quote from Joe Jonas. Really inspiring. 

Mockingjay poster, Maths formulae, and Chemistry stuff

Time table. I was too lazy to type it. So, I just wrote it on some sticky notes. lol

International books, borrowed from my cousin, Al-Quran and Yassin 

Books in a box. Still banyak lagi boxes sbnrnya :)

Room mates

View from the cafe. Well, it's view from my room too. Lots of monkeys there. Lol.

I think that's all. I cut some parts. Nanti kalau aku cerita all the details, ada ke orang nak baca. Haha. So, if any juniors yg dapat offer from Matrics, boleh contact me thru fb or twitter, or anything, kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut pasal Matriculation Programme. Byeee! 

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella