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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Genting Highlands

At first, we thought of going to town. I mean KL. But because of Bersih and stuff, dad had to cancel the plan and he then decided to bring us to the city of entertainment, Genting Highlands! Yeay! So we arrived there at 4pm something. And checked in at Resort World Genting Hotel. 

View from our room. Super cool!

The view from our room at the other side of window :)

Then, we went walking to the First World Plaza or known as Indoor Themepark. We just walked and ate at this one restaurant. Gila mahal kot. Hahaa. Tapi dah tahu dah kat Genting, all the harga makanan memang berganda-ganda. We walked store by store. I gotta tell you, at Genting, they always have big sale. So, I went to this one boutique and bought 2 tops at RM 75. One for me and one for my sister, Neena. 

A tree

Lemme blow you a kiss. Lol :)

Magic show. Very funny.

Mom and Dad. Romantic kan? Lol

And the next day. At 10AM, after breakfast, we immediately went to outdoor themepark. It was on Monday. My sisters ponteng sekolah. Lol. So, tak ramai macam biasa, local ppl there except teenagers above 17 and little kids with family. There were lots of pelancong asing. I think most of em are from India, Pakistan or Arab. Somewhere from that area. 

Me and Mom at Spinner

Siblings :)

Pirates Ship, I guess la.

Betapa panjang nya nak kena beratur naik Space Shot

Me and Neena

Friza, Arissa, and Mirul

Dah start nak naik. :)

Me and my sisters. Riding Flying Coaster! :)

Then, we actually played all the games at least two times. And the spinner, jangan cakap lah. Yg tuh mmg beribu-ribu kali main. Sampai poning kopala eden. hehee. Around 4PM, we went home :) 

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella