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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hunger Games : Movie Review

It's long and full of spoilers. I advise you not to read this post if you haven’t watched THG.

At first, I had a hard time focusing on the screen since the camera was shaky, my eyes had just been adjusting to the largeness of the screen. The first scenes — Gale and Katniss, and everything before the reaping. I was sorry for Madge for being omitted in the story, but I knew it beforehand so it was easy to accept that it was Greasy Sae who gave the mockingjay pin to Katniss. The reaping scene was perfect. It was exactly how I imagined it. No music. No music at all during the scene. You could hear how scared and nervous they all were. Primrose’s name being pulled out from a bowl of thousands of slips was expected that I wouldn’t open my mouth in shock (like how I did when I read the book). The thing is, it was quite a tearjerker. When Katniss volunteered for her and they had to part, I wept. A bit. Katniss' voice. Perfect. So there, Peeta being chosen next, so innocent and adorable and you couldn’t help but fell bad for him. Then, the goodbyes ,and their travel to the Capitol. I love that part there. But the train scene was so short. Super short. But I understand that. They cut out Haymitch’s advice “Try to stay alive” which upset me. When Effie screamed “That is mahogany!” It was funny though. But no one laughed during that scene. Maybe they didn't get it. lol. Josh Hutcherson portrayed Peeta so well: charming and gentle. He looked adorable as he smiled and waved behind the windows to the people of Capitol. I'm in love with Peeta. :)

The parade. That was right after she had undergone facial, skin and hair treatment. The entrance of the tributes was quite overwhelming. District 12 tributes had their unique costume. I imagined that they were glowing, like coals, but it was flames on their backs, like some wings. I had to admit I got disappointed with their costume (or probably the flame), but anyway, as I saw it for the second time, it wasn’t that disturbing anymore.

The training of the tributes followed. And oh my, Alexander Ludwig, who played Cato, was so good-looking that I was melting whenever his face appears on the screen. The training center was way better than what I had imagined. I liked when Rue was showed up in the ceiling. That was a nice little add on. 

There goes my favorite part. The interview with the tributes. And oh, how could I forget how they introduced Caesar Flickerman! The background song was beyond entertaining. Hahaha. The thought about Katniss with her dress catching fire was inviting, and she was rather comely as she enjoyed twirling for the audience to get a look on her dress. I also had the same dopey smile and I actually squealed when Peeta blurted out “because she came here with me.” I cannot contain myself, I had the same feeling I had as I read that moment in the book.

Moments of truth. All the days of preparing and stuffing themselves with good food has ended. Cinna and Katniss had their last talk, then she went inside the tube just in the nick of time. Up in the arena, where the tributes are distanced equally from each other, the countdown goes, and how long did it go again? Sixty seconds? All to hold my breath until the bloodbath in the Cornucopia begins. I'm not expecting the Cornucopia looked like that. But it was okay with me. So Peeta ran from the battle but Katniss still stood in that area. There the camera goes shaky again, but I still got to see how the other tributes got killed, and how Katniss ran away with the orange bag and escaped from some guy running after her.

So, the 74th Hunger Games begins. Bla bla bla bla. Here comes the saddest scene in the movie. Rue's death. When Rue died…everything was perfect. The scene made me cry like a baby. The way Katniss shot the arrow at Marvel before she really knew what was happening showed that she would protect Rue. The song she sang was good. And the flowers…it was just good. They showed what was happening in District 11 at the time. What Rue’s dad did (I’m assuming its her dad) how everyone kinda had the same idea to turn against the Games. I was sobbing.
Claudius announcing that the rule changed to two victors (which is Haymitch’s fault), Katniss immediately searching for Peeta. And Peeta's stone make-up and Katniss finding him actually made me laugh my ass off. It was hilarious. And oh yes. The cave scene. There, Katniss takes care of Peeta. She pecked on his cheek, and that was as genuine as it was. Soon, she found out that acting in love would give her more sponsors to help, she kissed Peeta's cheek. And then she found a medicine in parachute with a note “You call that a kiss?”. Though the note was flashed faster than the speed of light I hardly had gotten a glimpse of it, I had it good that the movie has a quirky sense of humor. So she walked back inside the cave, taking the medicine for Peeta to consume. Another announcement came from Claudius, saying that the gamemakers have provided things that they desperately need in the Cornucopia. Peeta begs Katniss not to go, but she objects. After some arguments Peeta asks why, and yeayyy! He receives a kiss on the lips from Katniss! Aww, how heartbreaking for Gale. And the people in theathre were like, ohhh, poor Gale. I love how Katniss could easily figure out Haymitch’s plans.

Moving forward with the story, a mutt jumped over Peeta and both of them headed to the Cornucopia to evade bunch of mutts created by Crane. I actually screamed out when the mutts showed up. They weren’t still safe at the top of the horn, for Cato got there too. He first got to strangle Katniss after a few fight with Peeta, but then Peeta eventually picks Cato away from her. In turn, Cato caught Peeta, wrapping his arm around his neck while Katniss had positioned her bow and arrow towards them. Of course, she could not impulsively release the arrow, as Peeta was with Cato. Oh, no matter how bloody and untidy his face was, Cato is still gonna be my crush. Lol. It was a clever thing Peeta marked an imaginary “x” on Cato’s hand, indicating that Katniss should shoot Cato’s hand. So she did, and Cato fell down, being eaten by the mutts. Alexander Ludwig plays it perfectly and it was just sad. 

There goes the bad news. The two-victor rule was revoked, and only one shall remain. When I read the book, I had a hard time accepting that Peeta is going to die (of course, Katniss is the main character she can’t die) . She then decided that they die together, by poisoning themselves with the berries, meaning that no one wins. Since Seneca cannot afford to have no winner, he hurriedly ordered the two to stop. Thus, declaring them the winner.
They have survived The Hunger Games, and the odds were in their favor. Though Katniss’ reply was scripted and originally came from Haymitch’s mouth, Peeta was rather as honest as he can get during the interview with Flickerman. Then they were crowned by Snow who sure was disappointed at how the game turned out. As a response to the two-victor rule, the Peacekeepers took Crane to some room, locked him there, only giving him the bowl of berries, which became the source of his death. Katniss and Peeta have brought pride and honor to District 12, and they don’t see yet the future. The movie ended with Snow staring intently on the screen, and goes upstairs, closing the door behind him.

The movie was flawless. My two and a half hours didn't waste. It was worth it. And to those idiots
saying that it was too rushed, it's a movie! They have to condense it in two hours. They can't include all the details. 

Btw, I hope you enjoyed or will enjoy watching the movie. You have to read the novels too. May the odds be in your favour.

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