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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy kid

I went to East Coast Mall semata mata nak tengok The Hunger Games okay, though ada 2 test keesokan harinya. Test Biology and Maths. So, went there at 11pm. Thank God, theatre dah bukak. I kept crossing my fingers, hoping that tix for Hunger Games are still available. And yes! Lucky me. Baru dua orang yang beli that tix. That means, when I bought two tix, baru 4 tix yang sold. So, I got the best seat in the cinema! Yeayyy! The movie started on 12pm. Before that, me and my friend went for a breakfast. We were so f**king hungry. Then, I asked my friend to go to Roxy. I checked out some handbags from Roxy, but tak ada yang nice pun. Most of the bags there are beach bags. Too large. I just want a simple one. Then, we bought some stuff. Serious penat gila. It was my first day of the tuttttttt. I had cramps all over my body. Baru jalan sikit, dah penat. =.='

That's my converse. Converse Blondie. 

Okay. This one was before masuk cinema. I looked fat. Seriously kan? Maybe it's the jeans? 

Okay, the movie was so good. I literally left the theatre speechless and I couldn't put into words what I just saw. Truly, it was amazing though the movie's duration was 2 hours and half. I would pay to see to again and again. Seriously, Twilight just got s**t on The Hunger Games. Hahahaa. I'll put reviews on my next entry.  Kbai. :)

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella