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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Carnival of Education and Career

This one, masa English tutorial :)

Okay, yesterday, kolej aku ada buat carnival of education and career. So, yeah, I joined the carnival. In the jadual, they said, ada booth, bukan taklimat. Kalau booth, fun sikit, kalau taklimat, macam tak ada apa-apa input sangat lah. I thought carnival at 3PM at Dewan Mat Kilau tuh, booth, but, noo. It was a taklimat from UiTM and UKM. I was like, oh okay. Aku pun just dengar je lah kan, seriously, apa yang prof tuh cakap is something general. Then, malam tuh ada taklimat from USM and then, UTM, then, UnisZa. Aku dengar taklimat from USM, yeah, Puan tuh bagi speech okay lah, she knew how to atrract the students. Yeah, I'm interested to pursue my study to that Uni.

Look at the girl behind. Lol.

Then, a taklimat from UTM. We all know UTM is a research Uni kan. Then, banyak Engineering Courses. Ramai kawan aku yang angkat kaki, blah from that hall, because they don't want Engineering courses. They want Medic and something related with Biology. Aku just dengar je lah kan. Who knows, rezeki aku ke Engineering? Kan? That prof yng lasi taklimat sangat - sangat kelakar okay. So yeah. And aku takde dengar pun taklima from UnisZa sebab it was already 10:45 PM and aku dah tersangat - sangat mengantuk. Balik dari hall, memang tak sentuh buku langsung okay. Apa nak jadi entah. ;D

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella