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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A friend

This is Anis Syafiqah, just call her Effy. I still remember the first time we met. I was walking at the Physics Lab with Ana, trying to find Physics Lab 4. And then, you came to us, asking us, which class we are in. And secara kebetulan, we all memang satu kelas! Wehooo! Haha. So, start dari situ we all getting closer. Mana-mana pergi je mesti berempat. Me, Ana, Effy and Mas. But she's closer with Mas more. Even though baru kenal around 5 months, kitaorang semua ada chemistry with each other. Effy is such a friendly girl, sometimes malu-malu kucing jugak. HAHA. Sorry ye Effy. Peace! And when she has a problem, we can see it thru her expression. Seriously, she's not good at hiding her problem. Unlike me! HAHA. I tell you what, she's close with this one guy at the college, in our class. They said they're just friend. Hmm. Idk lah. It's just hard for me to believe it. The way they communicate each other, there's something about them. Idk what. Maybe they're just teman tapi mesra, but... Hmm. I wonder. Okay, stop talking about their relationship. She's a real friend. She's not fake. She loves to try something new. Bukan something new macam drugs or what? Something new yang positive lah. Hehe. 

She's pretty. Ramai yang duduk usha dia dekat college nih. Asal aku jalan dengan dia kan, mesti ada je yang pandang dia. Tapi dia bukan lah jenis yang melayan strangers kan. Maybe dia setia dengan someone out there? Who knows right? HAHA. I forgot to tell ya, why I write this entry. This entry is dedicated for her. This is because, she moved out from this Pahang Matriculation College, cz she got an offer for SPA-Nursing. It was her choice and her family pun asked her to choose Nursing. It's hard for me and other classmates to let her go. We've lost lots of friends. Mula-mula Aishah, then, Musfirah, then, Nurul and now Effy. Hmm. 

So, one night, before she leaved, Irfan said to me, "Tak nak beli hadiah ke for Effy?" I was like, "Okay boleh je..." Dipendekkan cerita, we bought her this bee . 

Disebabkan aku agak malas dah nak tulis panjang - panjang, so, we had a surprise party for her , during her last night in the college. Walaupun it was just an hour. It was great. :)

Effy, hopefully kita dapat jumpa lagi. InsyaAllah, after graduate from this college, we all akan try untuk buat reunion party. And aku harap sangat kau tak lupa dekat kawan-kawan kau kat sini. Especially aku. Hehee ;)

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella