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Monday, December 26, 2011

Family and holiday

Okay, I got 3 days of holiday because of Christmas eve. So, FYEAH! And I spent that three days with my beloved and lovely family. Well, I wanna spend the day with my friends too, but 3 days is not enough. At first we planned to go to Genting Highlands, but the weather is not really cool. Nanti kan berkabus je kat Genting High tuh, tak dapat nak main outdoor theme park. So, I told my dad to bring us, shopping, walking, spending the day at Midvalley Megamall/The Gardens. So, yeah. For his beloved daughter, dia sanggup ikut je. Hehehe. Ye lah, aku kan maca jarang - jarang balik rumah. Jalan2 dekat shopping mall pun aku dah okay, as long as, I stick with my family. 

So, this is the christmas decoration at the centre court of the Midvalley. See the Santa Claus there?

So, we went to Jusco. Kids section. Alah , ada games bagai. Aku pergi situ sebab nak pergi photobooth. Thank God, photobooth tu dah upgrade ke English. Kalau dulu bahas Jepun ke Korea entah . Hehe. We love to make silly expressions. Mata memang fake gila ah in the photos ;)

At The Gardens, depan gadget stores like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and stuff. I checked out some phones from Samsung and camera from Sony. Seriously, I need to change my phone to Samsung Galaxy SII or iPhone 4s. Ughh. But I don't have money. =.='

So, that Saturday night, my dad took us to Tasik Titiwangsa. Having our dinner there. 

My face look so bulattt. Like seriously. =.='

Jeng jeng jeng ! Our steamboat ! Lots of fishballs and chickenballs. 

Me after dinner. Burppppp. Kekenyangan.

Me and momma, sementara tunggu my dad with his car.

So, the next morning, after lunch, we went to One Utama. Seriously jam gila. Tapi my dad sanggup melalui , meredah kesesakan lalu lintas semata - mata untuk spend time with the whole family. Bukan senang taw nak gather semua sekali at one time memandangkan aku dah study dekat college. Adik aku pulak dekat MRSM. And both my parents are so busy.

So, that's my lil sister. See how small I am. Hahaha. And that's my handsome daddy . The lighting sangat kuat. That's why we alls agak berkerut sikit. lol

Me. With Spritzer mineral water. Untuk mengelakkan dehydration. Hehehe ;)

This is the Christmas decoration at New Wing One Utama. Sangat cantik kan. Different. My mom said to me, "Nanti shera nak kahwin nanti, kita buat design macam ni lah. Senang sikit. Tak payah bunga-bunga bagai." And I said to my mom, "Ha'ah kan, buat macam Mermaid theme" . And my sister said, "Ask your husband to put the ring inside the cengkerang". And my mom menyampunk, "And we can put all the hantaran, on the cengkerang" . And I was like, "Oh yeah, cool". My dad just heard our conversation and smiled. :D Well, an idea from my mom. We'll see how's my wedding in 5-7 years more. InsyaAllah ;) So, we spent the day from pagi to maghrib. I felt super tired. Kaki lenguh bagai, but it's all worth it. 

Spending our time with the whole family is one of the greatest moments in my life. A quote from my Account's teacher, he said to us, "Selagi korang ada masa untuk spend time dengan family, go, get it, nnti korang dah busy dengan belajar, then kerja, then kahwin. Semua ada komitmen masing-masing. So, masa untuk family tuh dah berkurang sikit. So, get this opportunity to get close with your family." ;)

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella