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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Awal Ashaari & twitter

Awal Ashaari. I bet you guys know him right? One of the hottest men in Malaysia. Every single girl in Malaysia is obsessed with him. Well, not every girl. Most of Malaysian girls lah. :D Tipu lah kalau korang kata Awal Ashaari tak handsome. Haha. So, I was scrolling down my twitter timeline, then, Awal posted something, saying that he just uploaded some photos in his facebook. So, I moved to his facebook , and I saw four albums on his Korea trip. Honestly, I'm not a Korea fan. I mean the Kpop stuff. When I saw all those photos from Awal, I gotta say, Korea is one of the must-visit country! It's going to be on my travel list besides Mekah, Greece, California, Australia, Bora-bora and too many to say it in here. Well, I copied some of Awal's photos during his trip. Here you go :

Bapak style gila kan pakwe aku nih . Hehee .

Okay, then I went to my twitter . I tweeted like this , "Macam best je @awalashaari ni pergi Korea. Ada 4 album trip dy ke Korea" . Yes, I mentioned his name. And aku macam tak expect pun dy akan reply. Cz aku mmg suka mention2 nama celebs nih, include Justin Bieber, One Direction, Yuna, Zayn Malik, tapi diorang tak pernah reply pun. ;') Yeah, I know diorang mana sempat nk reply all the tweets from their fans, so, aku pun macam watlek je lah kan, macam possible je Awal Ashaari nk reply kan. lol. But then, after one hour something, aku check mention aku. and guess what ? Awal Ashaari replied my tweet! Wehooooo! See?

Mesti ada yang cakap macam ni, kalau baca entry aku. "Eleh, Justin Bieber reply tweet aku, tak kecoh pun" or maybe macam nih, "Awal Ashaari reply tweet pun nak kecoh kat blog, fb & twitter, Awal Ashaari je pun" . Okay , I don't care. IDGAF. This is my blog. Suka hati aku lah nak tulis apa pun. I'm one of Awal Ashaari's biggest fan. So, I'm so happy cz he replied my tweet. Haha. Well, just wanna say, my sister is super jealous with me now. Cz she's too obsessed with Mr. Awal. ;)

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella