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Saturday, November 19, 2011

muet oh muet

oh MUET ! Disebabkan kau lah , aku dan kawan - kawan seangkatanku kena pulang ke Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang lebih awal dari tarikh yang ditetapkan . Kalau ikutkan betul - betul aku , kena balik on 20th November . But because of MUET TEST : WRITING, LISTENING & READING on 19th November , me and the others kena datang on 18th November . wtf =.=' . Sabar je lah kan . Dah lah cuti 2 weeks je . Memang tak puas lah kan stay bercuti kat rumah .

Okay , I wanna tell ya bout MUET READING TEST . It was just a reading comprehension . But don't you ever think it's gonna be easy macam kacang je . It was tough . Well , pagi tadi , got 5 or 6 articles , and kita just kena answer objectives je . Yeah , you can BANG, BANG, BANG if ya wanna get Band 2 . lol . The articles were tough , long , and hard to understand . Ayat dia memang EXTREME gila nak mampus . After half an hour , we had to do MUET WRITING TEST . Question 1 is a report essay . Boleh tahan senang jugak lah . Question 2 , is about our opinions , whether you agree/not agree/partially agree . The question is about "A person's career should be based on his/her interest. Discuss" . Lebih kurang macam tuh lah ayat dia . Manalah aku ingat sebijik - bijik kan . So , I decided to pick PARTIALLY AGREE . Points dia malas lah aku nak tulis kan . Then , MUET LISTENING TEST . Ada 3 part . Part 1 was quite okay lah . I could listen to the voice on the speaker clearly . Cz it was just a normal English accent . Part 2was quite okay jugak lah . Ada 2 questions yang macam aku tembak . Part 3 was tough . Cz the speakers spoke too fast . I couldn't catch up the words . The accents pun a bit different . So , ada 1 question yang aku tinggal . Cz I had no idea at all . shit =.=' 

After the test , me and my friends went to the cafe , cz we were super hungryyy . We didn't eat breakfast cz the test started at 8:00 AM and ended at 12:30 PM . We headed to the cafe . Tender cafe pun tender yang baru masuk . So , we tried their meals . Quite delicious jugak lah . Price pun reasonable lah . I'm happy . XD 

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella