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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last Saturday

Okay , my headache dah berkurang sikit . Biasalah kan . Hujan - hujan macam ni . Asyik kena redah hujan je kalau nak pergi cafe . Kepala aku nih dah lah sensitif . Kena hujan setitik dua pun , dah mula lah pening . Yesterday , I went out to town with my classmate . Our mission is to watch our fav movie , The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn . Lots of girls from our college went out to town too . I think they had the same mission too . lol . Or maybe they wanna buy some books or something . IDK . A student said to me , the tix for Breaking Dawn are already sold out . I was like , "WHATTHAAA ? No way . You've got to be kidding me , man !" . I crossed my fingers . Aku mengharap sangat ada tix for both of us . Duduk lah sit depan sekali pun , aku tak kisah . Janji aku dapat tengok movie tu , on that day jugak . Masa nak queue tuh , nak beli tix , aku perasan kawan koir aku kat depan . Aku pun apa lagi . Suruh dia lah belikan tix sekali . Dia pun nak tengok Breaking Dawn jugak . The funniest part was , she said she wanted to watch Breaking Dawn because she's madly in love with the soundtrack of the movie , It Will Rain by Bruno Mars . Lol . She said , she never watched any Twilight movies before . HAHA . It's funny cz lagu tuh ada kat dalam movie tuh tak sampai 10 seconds pun . haha . They bought the tix for 12:30pm show . K , that's cool . Seats kitaorang dalam 4 or 5 dari depan . Kira macam in the middle of the cinema lah . Dipendekkan cerita we watched the movie for 2 hours (lebih kurang lah) . The movie was good . Rob Pattinson is super duper hot . I'll put some review later . And then , we were having our lunch at Black Canyon . We went back to the college at 4pm . 

p/s : I captured some photos . but unfortunately, we couldn't transfer the photos into the lappy atas sebab - sebab tertentu ;')


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