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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello ! I'm back !

Hello korang . Mesti ada yang tertanya-tanya mana aku menghilang kan ? Ehh , ada ke ? Okay , 1st of all, sorry lah dah lama tak update blog nih . I was super busy with my final exam for Semester 1 . Busy , preparing for the finals . Now, final exam just ended . Yeah, I'm relieved . But I don't really enjoy the excitement . A bit worried . With the result . Waiting is something yang menyeksakan . But I've tried my best during the finals . So, just pray to Allah for good result . InsyaAllah . Okay , aku nak update pasal class party before the exam . Yes , we had a class party . Not a happening one macam zaman - zaman sekolah dulu . But yeah , it's still a party . Hehee . Gonna keep the memory inside my mind . So, at first, one of my classmates planned to have some fun before the exam by going to the mall , playing bowling . I'm cool with that . Ye lah , lama jugak tak main bowling taw . But ada some of my classmates yang tak setuju atas sebab2 tertentu . Korang faham - faham je lah kan . Nak dekat exam, mesti ada yang tak setuju kan . So, we decided to have a small party dekat college je . At the famous port  in the college . The lake . The HAUNTED LAKE . Mwahhahaaha . We orded nasi goreng kampung from the cafe , and we bring the bekas with nasi goreng in it to the tasik . Dekat je dengan cafe tuh . Unfortunately, a classmate tak dapat join , cz her parents came . So, here are some photos :

Love you guys ! mmmuahhhhh . X

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella