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Monday, October 17, 2011

MUET - Speaking Test

I've been busy since the past few weeks . Mygadddd , the final exam for this semester is just around the corner . It's on 21st October , starting with two English papers . K, I wanna tell you guys about the MUET speaking test . Duhhh . Seriously, I actually didn't prepare for it until the night before the test . You know, I'm a last-minute person , dude ! Well, my speaking test was on 13 October , It was the 3rd day of the MUET speaking test . Thank God lah kan . My friends said the test was super easy because all the examiners are so kind, so friendly . They said , when you walk into the room, yes, you'll be so freaking nervous . But after that, when you sit down at the room , that feeling will gone . At first , I didn't believe that until I experienced it myself . K, before that , I wanna tell you guys, the night before the test, all my friends, I mean my group members named Irfan Syairazi - the owner of the blog, Noorul Shaharah - the Terengganu's girl , and Ainnatul Jannah - the Pahang's girl . So, we decided to do our practice at the libarary . Honestly, that was my first time going to the library during the night . I'm not a kaki library , actually :) Then , we found our place, yes, there's lots of students, practising MUET with their members and some other nerdies doing their stuff . K, I should start talking about us . HAHA . We practice and I was like , blur gilaaaa on that time . I had no idea . NO IDEA at all =.= I was bloody nervous . I said to myself , "I'm afraid I'm gonna be blur tomorrow, hopefully, everything is gonna be alright" . THAT BLOODY DAY . 13 OCTOBER 2011 , 07:30 AM at the bilik menunggu . After a short procedure, I found out that we were the 1st group that should present at 8:00AM . There were 5 groups . I group 30 minutes . I checked out my watch like thousands time . WAITING, WAITING and WAITING . It was like the prisoners waiting for their punishment . It was satu penantian yang menyeksakan . Tick tock, tock tock, tick tock . Yes, finally, 8:00AM . I walked . Yes, still feeling nervous . Into the room , feeling a bit nervous . Just A BIT . Sitting on my seat . Pufffff . The feeling was gone ! GONE to , IDK where . lol . There were 2 task . TASK A and TASK B . Task A is about individual presentation (2 minutes) , TASK B is a group discussion (10 minutes) . I am Candidate B . We were given 1 minutes to read the question . I was like , "OHMYGADDDDD, we've done it before . Just a bt different " . Then , bla bla bla from Candidate A (Irfan) , then , it's my turn . JENG JENG JENG . The title given is FRIENDSHIP is the  important thing in life . I felt quite confident during that time . Maybe , I've been through situation yang lebih kurang macam tu . I listed 3 points , but then , I asked myself "Should I continue to the 4th point ? Oh wait . Damn man , I don't have 4th point . Hopefully, the time is almost 2 minutes..." , I talked clearly,

Me : My 4th point is .....
Examiner : Your time is up !
Me : In  conclusion , .......

Actually, during the conclusion , I'm not sure if I said Thank You or not . lol . Then , it's time for TASK B . We planned to agree on one point only . HEALTH, FRIENDSHIP, EDUCATION or FAMILY . Irfan , as the chair person should decide which one is the most important and he should show us the sign . Seriously, I didn't notice the sign . Then , I was like, "Oh mannnn , irfan terlupa ke ? Looks like I just have to follow the flow" . BLA BLA BLA . Lastly, I knew he chose FAMILY as the most important thing . I was like , "Thank God, I have the reasons to support that main point" . BLA BLA BLA . Then , the Candidate D talked about something . Something funny . Thank God I wasn't burst into laughter . lol . I looked at Arah - menahan ketawa . The examiners too . Heheee . Then , it's time to conclude . Candidate A made the conclusion , "Since all of us agree with HEALTH as the most important thing in life ........" . I looked at Arah and Jannah with shocked eyes . "OHMYGADDD, he mentioned it wrong . It should be FAMILY, let's pray the examiners didn't notice" .  Then , we took our bags . Irfan said he didn't realize he mentioned the wrong point he thinks the examiners didn't notice about it . Fuhhh . Let's hope . Then , we straight away to Cafeteria - having our breakfast there .

p/s : In conclusion , I think it was one of the coolest experience I ever had . :)

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella