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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mas Aliza's birthday

Hari ini birthday Mas Aliza, one of best friends in Matriculation College . So, my friends and I planned to celebrate her birthday cz she's so stress as the final exam is just around the corner, and we wanna make her smile and laugh with our plan. Atctually, our first plan was, we should surprise her during the midnight . At 12:00 am , on 8th October . But we had to cancel it memandangkan petang tuh ada larian Kakom. Dalam bahasa budak-budak sekolah, larian merentas desa. lol . Everyone macam penat je kan . So, we had to postpone it and we planned to made the partyyyy after program Biology . So, I went straight to the shop, nak ambik cake, and then terus ke cafe. At first , we wanna celebrate it there, but , the cafe was too crowded, cz it was lunch hour . So, we  decided to go to the not-so-beautiful lake behind the girls' block .

Birthday girl

K, then , we asked mas to take a picture with Fikry . Act , depa nih kena gossip sebenarnya . That's why mas macam malu - malu kucing . HAHA . Sebenarnya , we all suruh ambik gambar sebab nak baling tepung kat dia . Bak kata pepatah ada udang di sebalik batu . lol . sebenar-benarnya, ada tepung cucur lemak manis di sebalik tangan Fikry . HAHA . When I counted 1,2,3 , bushhhh ! Habis berserekan tepung on Mas' tudung . Well, technically, it's Ana's tudung . HAHA

Kesiannn dekat birthday girl

Look at em , how cute they were right ?

At first, I thought she was crying . Cuakkk gak . lol

Dua bestfriend yang mengelak . Last2 kana jugak ! HAHA . Padan muka u olls . 

The owner of the camera . Kena setepek ke muka . HAHA . Nih lah budak terengganu , satu group speaking test for MUET dengan aku . She's so funny 

Lovely classmates :)

The only two boys yang sporting . The other four tak tahu ke mana . 

GOOD TIMES with em . Love you guys . X

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella