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Friday, October 7, 2011


Him . One day you guys randomly start talking. He compliments you and tells you you're pretty and stuff. He asks you about your past relationships and you ask him about his. You told your problems and he told bout his. When you tell him you've been hurt thousand times, he tells you that those guys are jerks and stupids. He starts flirting with you and you start flirting back even though you know he already has a girlfriend. Then, he ask your skype name and you give it to him right away. The next day , he IMs you and tells you good morning and tells have a good day. Soon, chatting with him in social networking websites becomes apart of your daily lives and you wait for him to text/chat with you every day. Whenever you receive something from him, you start smiling and your day becomes better. He texts you daily and asks you how's your day went. You video calling in Skype with him till 1.00 a.m and he always asks if you are tired and if you want to go to bed. The night video calling you have with him are always the best and the deepest. You sleep when he sleeps, he sleeps when you sleep. And now you tell your friends what an amazing guy he is and you are interested in him. One day, he suddenly stops texting you first. When you guys talk now, it's only because you say HI to him first. Things changed and you don't understand what unexpectedly happened. He stops putting effort texting to you. You become extremely clingy. You can't help wondering what went wrong. You start thinking he's mad at you for something you did. You give him some time. So, you wait for a while and nothing is changing. He's still "busy" all the time and he doesn't even try to talk to you. Now, every time you talk to him, it becomes awkward and you know, he doesn't really enjoy texting with you. And you get scared that you are being annoying by hitting him up first, so you stop talking to him . Months pass, and you don't text to him at all. You never know what happened from his point of view. Because of him. every day and every night, you're hurt and upset. You don't know what went wrong in the relationship between you two. You tell yourself to forget him and that he doesn't deserve someone like you. But you can't follow it, you're already too attached to him. You miss the old person he used to be and you don't even know what he has changed into. And one day you see his page, and he's calling a girl (his girlfie) with cute names. He calls her ****** and tells her he thinks she's gorgeous. He seems completely fine without you. You're still hurt and he has already moved on. You're still sad and everything you do reminds you of him. You still secretly hope that one day he will start texting to you again and you guys will pick up where you last left off but you also know that it will never ever happen. You compare every guy you know with him. There are times when you hate him because you can't erase all the memories between you two. you just feel like you should just stop thinking about it, but, you know, you can't. He's already forgotten about you but you're still having a hard time letting go. 


There you go. This is a true story. Story about me and him. I know he probably will read this because he knows my blog. If you think you are the guy, I just wanna say, I miss you. I miss how you cared for me, how you always made my day, how you used to cheer me up and how you made me feel. I miss everything that we used to be. Now, I don't mind if you don't wanna be my lover , I just wanna be your friend . Yes , I have to admit, I fell for you . But now, I'll try to put limit if we are going to be friends again . I just wanna know what happened actually ? WHAT HAPPENED? WHY this things happened between us? Just tell me .

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella