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Monday, October 10, 2011

Harry & Cancer

K, I wanna put something good in my blog . Something that inspire people . Today's entry is not about my personal life . Today's entry is about Harry Moseley. He was an 11 year old boy with an inoperable brain tumor. He raised money for brain cancer research and made bracelets, and did public speaking to raise awareness and funds for his illness.

Harry is one of the bravest boys I’ve ever heard of, and many people had the honor of meeting him before his passing.

Harry passed away at 11.10pm on the 8th October 2011.
He was an inspiration to many, and still will be in the future. He was a shining star in everyone’s sky and still will be for me. He was a brave, brave boy and I hope he’s comfortable where he is now. 
RIP Harry . :'(

For more details , please click HERE .

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