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Friday, September 16, 2011

Tanglung's Festival

Last Saturday night , ada festival around college . PESTA TANGLUNG ! And yeah , we had to buy tix . RM 3 only . Yeah , it was fun actually . Something new to me . The choir was good , the drama was cool , super cool ! I love it . Then , at the ending of the majlis , ada satu slide dipasangkan , ada lah muka sorang mamat nih ada kat dalam video tuh . And all the girls yang sat behind me , were screamed , macam kena histeria . I was like , "OHMYGADDD ! What's wrong with all the girls? Who's that guy? Hot sangat ke sampai menjerit-jerit? Asal aku boleh tak kenal pun mamat tuh?" Then , I asked my friend , "Who's that guy in the video?" And kawan aku cakap , his name is ******, Modul 2 students , budak 4flat . Aku pun macam, "Oh , patut lah semua histeria" . Not bad jugak lah guy tuh , tapi aku takde lah kena serang histeria bagai . Girls , please lah , jangan malaukan diri you olls depan public taw . Behave yourself girls . Control your feelings, I know you guys are too obsessed with him, but please , don't do that k . Guys will lost their respect towards you . Okay then , lepas dah tamat that slide , I went to the main door , and , OHMYGADD, I saw my "boyfriend" . But I keep calm and don't scream like all the girls . Hehee :) K , after that , all the students ada tanglung masing2 , and we all berarak around the padang .. It was cool . So , here are some photos taken during the festival :)

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