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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Merdeka Raya 2011 at KMPh

Hello guys ! I'm back ! hehee . What a busy life I had for the past few weeks . Last week , I was busy with the test and also rehearsal for Majlis Merdeka Raya dekat college . You know, I'm one of the choir members , so I have to perform during the Majlis Merdeka Raya with other friends :) Every evening , every night , ada practice , and banyak kerja yang tak dapat disiapkan . Seriously , hidup aku as a student terumbang - ambing sekejap . But now dah okay dah lah . So , the night before the event , we had to do our last rehearsal on the real stage in front of Dewan Datuk Bahaman . So , yeah , ada jugak lots of students , doing their stuff , menghias pentas and whatsoever . We did our rehearsal there , but we had to give and take with the budak2 teater musical . That night jugak , ada secrets yang terbongkar , kan kan Syikin kan ? 

You guys don't have to know bout that . Lepas dah siap rehearsal on real stage , we had to move to other place . Mula mula , Me & syikin pakai heels , I mean wedges . And we walk like models on the stage with Nisha Nasran . We acted like me & Syikin as the models , while Nisha as our fashion designer . Then , the boys came up on the stage and we all acted like the professional models . LOL . And our choir director acted as our fashion designer . And the background music was from Lady Gaga . "WALK WALK FASHION BABY .... " It was super fun ! But agak sedih cz we all tak record that stuff . :'( tapi nak buat macam mana lagi kan . It will always be inside of my memory . I won't forget that . Then , we did our rehearsal . Banyak yang terpaksa diubah , cz the stage was so so small . Bla bla bla . We sang until 12 : 30 AM . It was perfect ! 

At the same time , budak2 kuliah aku duk busy menghias camp . Sorry guys , tak dapat nak join you olls . Okay , habis story pasal malam . Then , esoknya , around 2:20 pm , we headed to Students Centre . Our team kena berkumpul kat situ . Seriously , everyone looked super gorgeous , super handsome ! :)

Then , we went straight to the event . Kitaorang nih jadi first team yang buat performance , then , baru budak2 teater musical . Seriously , I was super freakinggggg nervous . The music started , and Raja sang the first line of Suasana Hari Raya , and Shikin sang the second line , and I was shocked cz the microphone tak berbunyi . Damn . Aku dah agak dah , benda camni mesti berlaku . Kesian dekat Shikin , dia dah lah buat opening dengan Raja and the microphone was like . S**T ! K , then, part aku pulak . Masa aku nyanyi suara aku terketar duhh . Ya Allah . Bla bla bla . Habis . Then , we went in front of the office , we gathered and talked about the our performance . It was good , but , but the microphone ! Damn ! I blame it on the microphones . It spoiled our performance ! Seriously , the college needs to buy new microphones . And macam biasa we received positive feedbacks . And of cz ada jugak yang negative feedbacks . We all know that . Justin Bieber buat show pun ada negative feedbacks , apa lagi kitaorang nih , budak2 yang baru belajar . I don't mind about the negative feedbacks kalau ia membina . But the worst part is , I heard people said , "MACAM BUDAK2  TERENCAT JE MENYANYI" . I was like , WHATTHAFUCK! . You all tak tahu ,  we practice all day long , and u all kata macam budak2 terencat ? Godddd , cuba you all bayangkan , you all on the stage , with the microphone yang tak berfungsi dengan baik . You're not on the stage ! We were on the stage ! So , just shut the f**k up and go to hell lah b***hes ! Okay stop talking bout that ! Then , semua seperate , cz in our team ada budak2 Jabatan Perwakilan Pelajar . So , they had to go . And memang tak sempat we all nak ambik gambar ramai2 . But I'll try to find one .

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