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Thursday, August 25, 2011

KARMA . Do you believe in it ?

Karma karma karma . Do you believe in it ? For me , I don't really believe in it . Yeah , I believe in God . Allah the Almighty . But how about these two phrases , "What goes around comes around" and "What you give, you get back" ? They show the same meaning right . Wanna know why I post about this stuff ? Yeah , I've been thinking since last two days about my love life . People always ask me . "You don't have a boyfriend?", "Are you f**king kidding me?" , "Ahh, you lie . You must have a boyfriend" . TRUST ME , people . I don't have any . I think Karma hit me . 

For the past two years , I rejected the boys who want to be my boyfriend . Wanna know why I rejected them? Cz I was waiting for my guy best friend to be my boyfriend . His name is MA . Ahh . I shouldn't fall for him . He's my best buddy . And after waiting for a few months, I gave up . See people? Karma hit me ! I rejected boys, and my guy best friend just wanna be friends with me . For the first time in my life , I cried because of that boy . 

After that , something happened . I made a big mistake . Really big mistake . I was with someone who's two years younger than me . I don't mind about the age . IDK , something was wrong with our relationship . I was with that guy , HA for two weeks only . TWO WEEKS guys . It happened a year ago . When I was 17 . 

Then , I became close with my old friend. Yeah , we're kind of TEMAN TAPI MESRA until NOW . 

Then , I met someone in facebook . His name is X. Yeah , he's perfect . Too perfect . He's like an angel . He's brilliant , he's good looking guy (NOT TOO HANDSOME but okay lah) , his family is quite berada jugak lah and so on . I thought he's my Mr.Right . Yeah , we talked a lot . He told me his probs , and I told mine . When I first had a chat with him , he's still single . Then , a few weeks later , he told me he has a girlfriend . I was like , "Ohhh damn !" But during that time , when he's with someone else , we still texted each other . Not in the phone, I mean in facebook, skype & twitter . Yeah , he told me everything . One day , I texted him , he didn't reply . I was like , "Oh okay , maybe he's not in a good mood" . Then , I checked my friends' list , yeah . He unfriended me ! I still don't know why he unfriended me . Karma maybe? who knows right . I didn't accept someone's proposal , and he unfriended me . Remember the entry I made in the early of August ? Yes , he's the reason why I made that entry . I was frustrated .

Kayy , now , I met this guy . I became his friend on facebook a week ago . Actually , I already knew him . But masa tuh , I couldn't find his facebook . lol . Yeah , we talked for a few times . Ooppss , I forget to mention his name . His name is HF . He's perfect . Yeah , when we fall for someone , we are going to say that he's perfect even though we all know , no one's perfect in this world . We still talk to each other . Yes , I already fell for him , but tak macam I fell for X . I don't wanna get hurt anymore . Then , at the same time , I met this boy . A matric student named MF . He just added me last Friday . And he told me he wants me . I was like, "Err, kita baru kenal for a few days" . Yeah , he wants me to give him a chance . But sorry boy , I don't want to hurt your feeling . I don't want to lie . 

In conclusion, *teringat english essay, hehe* I really hope Karma doesn't hit me back . I rejected MF , and I hope something good is going to happen between me and HF . 

What a long entry from me right ? I think this is the longest entry I've made . Or ada lagi yang lagi panjang? SO , what do ya think ? Karma does exist or not ? Yeah , I know God plans everything for us . He know what's the best for us kan . So , let's just accept our fate and destiny although sometimes we feel life is unfair or whatever . 

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella