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Friday, July 22, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II (REVIEW)

Finally , the end of an era . The end of my childhood . During last weekend , I went to see the last Harry Potter. First of all, I want to point out that, I applaud Alan Rickman for his performance in this movie. I think that his performance in this movie was the best out of all his performances in the whole Harry Potter series (I’m sure he is an extraordinary actor in general). He made the audience feel what he was feeling when he saw Lily dead and held her as he was sobbing. the whole thing was just so heartbreaking. :'( 

Actually there were a few things that I don't really like about this movie :
  • there could have been more epic fighting
  • Fred only gets FOUR FUCKING SECONDS of death time??? 
  • Tonks and Lupin too??
  • the way Bellatrix died was kind of ... too easy 
  • WAY more battle scenes!
  • Neville gets no recognition at the end! That was the “Whoa! Yay happy ending/story lives on” moment.

NOW, there were VERY cool things as well :
  • the one-on-one battle
  • "Not my daughter YOU BITCH!"
  • Snake getting chopped
  • Snape’s memory :'(
  • and the shots all throughout this movie were fucking GREAT. Very very good shots! 
  • and lots more ! :D

But, nevertheless. I still think the movie was the best Potter movie, in terms of everything, but not so much on the screenplay. I do think that the movie will have a great chance at the Oscars next year! So, guys, you really have to see the movie. And don’t forget to bring tissues. :D Hahaha.

After 10 years, 7 books, 8 films, I can safely say that I had the best time of my life. And to end it with this kind of bang, is just too emotional and too momentous for me. We have lived with all of those characters, places, spells, creatures and ect., until the very end. And to say that they have saved the best for last is, an understatement.

Long live, Potterheads!

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