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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wanna make a confession . :)

Okay , I wanna confess about something . Lemme tell you guys about it . Hmm . Okay , someone added me in Facebook a month ago . A week selepas aku masuk matrix . Aku tak nak bagi tahu sangat about him . How old is he ? His current location ? and of course his name . You guys don't have to know about that . One night , kitaorang ada lah chat kan , a day after aku approve dia kot . Yeah , we talked a lot . I was like super happy bila chat dengan dia . IDK why . I think he's my MR.Right masa tuh . It's hard to find someone yang kita nak kan . That guy ada semua characteristics yang aku nak . So , I was like . Yeah , I have to keep in touch with him . Who knows right ? Maybe ada something happens in the future between us . Hihi :) First time , kitaorang chat . Memang dah mesra lah . He's a super friendly guy . He's super brilliant . Yeah , he's like Mr. Perfect to me . And then , we started to chat over , over and over again . And of course lah kan , aku dah start to fall in love with him kan . And satu hari tu , aku stalk twitter dia kan . Nak tahu apa yang aku baca? Oh shit . He's now in a relationship with Miss O . I was like , "What theee...., melepas duh aku" . No wonder lah , dia tak IM aku . Aku pun malas dah nak IM dia kan . I don't really know who's that girl . But I know she's a good girl lah kan . To Miss O , please take care of your boyfriend baik baik eh . Jangan kasi lepaskan kat orang lain . He's just too perfect . You're so damn lucky . I'm jealous with you, girl . Semua benda nih , it reminds me on my bestfriend, Ana's quote . Ana selalu kata , "Apa yang kita nak mesti tak dapat and apa yang kita tak nak , yang tu lah yang dapatnya" Hmm . Yeah , I think Ana is right . Okayy , itu sahaja untuk kali ini . Kayy BYE . :)

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella