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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pirates Of Caribbean : On Stranger Tides (REVIEW)

It’s good actually. I really thought that the lack of some of the old cast may be a bit nostalgic and disappointing but it’s not actually. Johnny Depp has certainly, without failure, delivered superbly. The other cast members were great and I love the mermaid stuff. :) There were some parts of the movie that got a little boring. When the fighting scene was too long. Romance, is technically, a must-have for the pirates move, I guess. Because even though there’s no Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann to spice up the movie. There’s still Ariel and Prince Charming [Philip and Syrena] to do that.

Philip + Syrena . Seriously , this Sam Claflin guy who plays Philip looks like Ian Harding from PLL . But I think Ian is so much better than Sam . Hihi . I think Philip and Syrena are super sweet , they look good together . :)

The beautiful mermaids . I love the scene where Tamara sings and suddenly , more mermaids come and attack them .

So I guess the movie was a success, nonetheless.

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