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Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy birthday, Mom!
May every second, minute
hour, day and year of your life
be filled with the kind of
comfort, security, and happiness
you give unfailingly to me.
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Without you, there would be
a gaping hole in my life, an emptiness
that only your love can fill.

Thanks for all the support that you have given to me .
 Thanks for being such a kind and loving Mama .
 It's truly a blessing to have you as a mother. 

I wish I was there, with you .
I hope you're feeling special
Because today you should
If I could be with you
You know I would

I wish for you all that you desire
As you deserve the best
Having you in my life
I know I'm truly blessed

I hope your feeling special
Because you really are
And you know I'd be with you
If I didn't live so far

I love you Mom , you deserve a special crown . Once again , Happy Birthday ! 

Nahh , I send this special cakes for yaa . 

With love , hugs and kisses from your lovely daughter, 
Shera Ismail

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella