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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The purple ninja !

So , I changed my URL from blackfairytalesandwhitelies.blogspot.com to thepurpleninja.blogspot . Wanna know why ? Well , my previous url is too long . It's easy for me to say to someone to follow me , but it's hard to them to listen to it clearly . Then , they will keep asking me how to eja that URL . It's too long right ? So , I kept thinking "What should be my new URL?" . Hmm . Then , after watching Never Say Never , I suddenly got the idea ! Fuck yeah ! THEPURPLENINJA ! Actually the word dah lama ada dalam kepala aku , cuma aku tak terfikir pun nak put the words as my URL sebelum ni . So , aku pun try lah thepurpleninja.blogspot.com , but then dia kata , NOT AVAILABLE . Shit . Then , aku pun try -thepurpleninja . Tak boleh jugak cz "-" tak boleh letak depan . Aku terfikir thepurpleninjagirl ? Hmmm . Macam tak best je . Aku still nk thepurpleninja ! Then , aku pun buat lah the-purpleninja.blogspot.com ! :D Everything is new in my blog ! err . not everything lah . I just changed my URL and put a new header ! Hihi . :D Oh terlupa pulak , one more reason aku tukar URL aku cz I know ada HATERS yang suka stalk blog aku neh . kalau stalker biasa , i don't mind . tapi kalau HATERS I do mind ! Maybe the HATERS akan tahu jugak my URL , but whatever, bitches . IDGAF ! 

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true" - Cinderella