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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Justin Bieber - Interview in Singapore

He's coming to Malaysia , and he'll perform tonight . Maybe korang ada perasan aku post pasal Justin Bieber's stuff . You know , he's coming here . So , I just wanna post about him . :) Here's the press conference on 19th April , just before his concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium .


at 1.30, He tried to hide the smile on his face! He looked around at everyone and put the mic back close to his mouth to hide it! LOL . He's so cute! His face is flawless!


Interviewer: So is it long distance today?
Justin: Uhm… what do you mean?
Interviewer: Is Selena Gomez here?
Justin: Uhm.. n-no… she’s not here… 

Interviewer: How is your music gonna mature like when you grow older? Cause for Britney and Christina they took off their clothes, so for the older audience how are you gonna do that? 
Justin: Well I’m a male, and uh, so, you know… that doesn’t really work. 

Interviewer: And you have a girlfriend right now…
Aww , he looked cute . :) so flawless

Justin(talking about his hair) Uh. I’m not really used to it, sometimes I… it was kind of a habit so sometimes I just like… I don’t really have any hair like to flip. 

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